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Your Brazilian Friends

Hello Kate, Lena and everybody out there in Russia and in cyberspace! This is Erika Cruvinel writing and these are photos of some of my students, and teachers Carla Arena and Ronaldo Junior, who are also interacting with you.

Yesterday, my students read all your messages and we discussed them during our class. They really enjoyed reading the answers of the poll and we all laguhed a lot at some answers! We can tell that you do know a lot about Brazil, but as Lena mentioned, most of the asnwers are 'cliché' and stereotypes and now it is my students' job to show you the real Brazil! It will be a challenging task, but it is a great way for us to reflect and learn even more about ourselves.

'O Clone'! We can't believe you have watched it! It was a big hit here some time ago! And one of the Russian students mentioned 'Coelho'. We think you are talking about the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and, believe it or not, he is now acting in the most recently released Brazilian soap opera, "Eterna Magia". It will probably be shown in Russia too. A lot of you have the image of a hot sunny Brazil. Did you know that it's freezing in the south and southeast of Brazil right now? Take a look at this picture of Gramado in the South of Brazil.

Well, we have a lot to learn from each other and I do believe you know more about Brazil than we do about Russia. Next class my students will spend sometime writing about the answers given in the poll and we will try to demystify somethings. I'm also going to build an online poll to find out what Brazilians associate with Russia, ok?

Talk to you soon!


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Carla Arena tha...

Dear all,

Great to see your photos, even mine with Erika...I'm sure you'll have a lot to say to our Russian partners as this group is so varied in terms of interests and personal background.

I'm sure there's a lot we can still learn from each other's culture. What better opportunity than this?

Beijos (kisses),


Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...

Dear Erika!
And dear everyone!

Thanks a lot for such a nice visual introduction, so nice to see all of you and become closer!
I think it'd be quite nice to do something of the kind on our part :)

An interesting fact it is about P.Coelho. Actually we devoted one of our Round Tables to his work as his books were all the rage some years ago here, now a bit less though (I for one read all of them but the latest :)).

And it is so surprising to know you can have colds over there! You know the first time I learnt that there could be snows in Latin America was while watching the film "Motocycle Diaries" where they showed Chile covered with snow. I couldn't believe my eyes!

But again - this is "a cliche", I am sure many of your people wouldn't believe that here we have the heat of +37 C in summer and some places are as green as the tropical places in your countries. :)

The idea of an online poll sounds really interesting! As you can see we did that with Kate, in our local Net, I was not sure people would answer but they did! And I promised them to send your answers if you were going to have something of the kind devoted to Russia's image.

Have you also seen our Public Opinion Polls Column on our Website? :)

We also had an idea with some students to ask people in the street these kinds of questions (and some teacher at our faculty really thinks it is a good idea, she practised that but in Germany) but this "project" didn't get off the ground as most of us are afraid that the Russians in the streets wouldn't take it seriously and positively...


Kate tha...

Dear Erica, thank you for this marvellous slide show.. Take, please, my compliment -the photo of you both is extremely cute:)We’ll think it over how to make our introduction.
You` ve broken one of the main stereotypes.- now I see that my question about snow was really ludicrous .
By the way , but for the series, we would hardly know anything about your way of life, and the sights too- between the plots and the pics of the main characters the sights of Rio, accompanied by the national music were always shown. So we are grateful to Brazilian series.:)

Truly, Kate

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. tha...

Hi Elena, Kate and everybody!

It's great to be interacting with you and dispelling myths (or at leat trying to) about our cultures.


I havent't forgotten your questions, I'm still working on them.

Kind regards from Brazil!

Kate tha...

I` looking forward to your answers:)


Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...

Dear Erika, Carla, Ronaldo and everyone!

I am really pleasantly surprised that the members of the Local Net hear show interest in my questions about Brazil. And here I post one:

"And what can Brazil offer us besides carnivals and newfangled writers?
What do they live by?"