e premte, 25 maj 2007

Russian-Brazilian students

Hi! I`m Kate. I`m a student of the university and I`m 19. I like Internet and I`m mesmerised by Cinema, especially soviet and modern russian. I like foreign languages and hope to connect my future life with them. It`s intricate and captivating for me to know something new about a diverse number of states and nations.So I`m the representative of our Russian group of students, involved in the project dedicated to Latin America, in which we try to deprive of our stereotypes concerning Latin American countries and try to find out any similarities, connection between our nations.

It`s a great pleasure for me to colloborate and communicate with you, because I`m nearly crazy about Brazil, Rio, and Brazilian people. You seem to be so far and beyond the reach, but still so close by spirit. So I hope for an interesting and productive work.