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Russian-Brazilian students

Hi! I`m Kate. I`m a student of the university and I`m 19. I like Internet and I`m mesmerised by Cinema, especially soviet and modern russian. I like foreign languages and hope to connect my future life with them. It`s intricate and captivating for me to know something new about a diverse number of states and nations.So I`m the representative of our Russian group of students, involved in the project dedicated to Latin America, in which we try to deprive of our stereotypes concerning Latin American countries and try to find out any similarities, connection between our nations.

It`s a great pleasure for me to colloborate and communicate with you, because I`m nearly crazy about Brazil, Rio, and Brazilian people. You seem to be so far and beyond the reach, but still so close by spirit. So I hope for an interesting and productive work.

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Erika Cruvinel tha...

Hello Kate
I'm Erika Cruvinel, and I was born in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. I teach English to Brazilian students. This semester, I have a group of adults who will be interacting with you in your blog. I guess the best way is if they post their introductions in the comment area of your first post. However, not all of them have blogger accounts, so it would be easier for us if you changed the settings fo your blog to allow comments from anyone. You can do that under "moderate comments". Anyway, my students will write their intros tomorrow and we will post them here before the end of this week. Then you could write a second post based on a different topic you would like to discuss with them. It will be a plesure to work with you.

Kate tha...

Hello, Erika. Nice to get acquainted with you. I followed your instructions and changed the settings. Hope, everything will be all right now. Look forward to the intros:)

Erika Cruvinel tha...

Great Kate! I'm glad you were able to change the settings. I got the invitation to post in you blog, so now, besides writing commnents, I can post pictures, slideshows and other materials about Brazil that we might find suitable. We will post again soon!
Tchau (Bye in Portuguese)

Ramon tha...
Komenti u hoq nga autori.
Carmen tha...

Hello Kate,
My name is Carmen. I'm 48 yers old. I'm married.I'm from the state of São Paulo. Now, I live in Brasília. I have two clildrem, a son who is 17 years old and a daugther who is 14.
I'd like to know if you have ever been to Brazil.

Ramon tha...

My name is Ramon, I'm a student an I'm 20 yaears old. I like to travel a lot and my favorite hobby is sleeping. I like to play soccer, to go skating and practice all sports.
I'd like to know what you really think and know about Brazil.

Rosanna tha...

My name is Rosanna and I'm an engineer. I was born in Salvador in the state of Bahia and I've been living in Brasilia since 1992.
I wonder where you were born and how your life-style is?
I'd like to know if you have a big family and if you like to travel a lot?

Eveline tha...

Hi Kate,
My name is Eveline and I have a question for you:
Can you tell me what similarities you found between our nations?


Karen tha...

Hello Kate
My name is Karen. I was born in Brasília. Brasília is the capital of Brazil. I am 42 years old. I'm married and I have two teenagers.
I love movies and don't like Carnival.
And about you!
Where were you born?
What do you know about Brazil?

Anonim tha...

Hello we are Sergio and Salejandra,
We´re the Erica´s students at CTJ, We're born in Brasilia. Sergio is 38 years old and I'm 38 years old too. Like you we love movies and learning foreign languages. Have you ever been in Brazil? We wonder what would you like to know about Brazil?

Arnaldo tha...

Hello, my name is Arnaldo. I know you love Brazil but I'm not exactly a happy brazilian citizen because I am an air traffic controller. I'm going through a very difficult period of my professional life, I can' stop worrying about it.
Perhaps you also live in country whose political system is very difficult to be understood. What do you think about it?

Ivette tha...

My name is Ivette. I was born in 1964, ina a Downtown São Paulo. I moved to Brasília when I met my husband. We got maried in 1989. We went to Europe for our honeymoon. We´ve been to a lot of coutries but, unfortunatlly, we had no opportunity to visit your country. Nowadays we still live in Brasília. We have 3 children: two sons, they are twins, they are 16 years old; and a daugheter, who is 12 years old. One of my sons is going to Europe next july to for a soccer game competition. I would like to know if you have ever been to Brazil. And I would like to know more informations about your Country.

Guto tha...

Hello Kate, I´m Antônio Augusto but you can call me by my nickname Guto, I am 20 years old. I study music; my instrument is the drums, I love my country, we have a lot of social problems, but I really love this country and its culture especialy the music. I really want to Know more about your country. It will be a plesaure to talk with you.

Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...

Dear all!

I was really pleased and surprised to find so many people here! That is great!
Erika and Kate, special thanks to you!!!

You know, after reading the comments, after speaking with my people here, after posting some questions about Brazil on the Russian Metro-Forum (Local Net) I have come to the conclusion that we - Russians and Brazilians - know nearly nothing about each other.
The only things mentioned already as a cliche here about Brazil are football, carnival and monkeys.
Frankly, I am already fed up with hearing it.

I would like to go on with a question which some people also asked me to post here.
On our Forum I already posted this news that I heard this week.
That Russian literature - classical literature - is starting to become popular in Brazil. And it makes people in Brazil be interested in Russia.

Is it really so?
And if yes, what Russian books are popular?

And also what Latin American writers are popular with Brazilians?

Kate tha...

Hi all! Thank you for your replies. I`m really happy to communicate with you! I`ve never been either to Brazil or to any other country of Latin America. It` s rather difficult and extremely expensive to reach your continent. But It`s my lifetime dream to visit Brazil. when I was a little girl my friend and I conjured up the route of places we would certainly visit. Rio was the first. So I `ve got an aim
Before answering any questions. I`d like you to look through the Public Poll we held in the net. These are associations with Brazil, which Russian people can name and recall.

1. What is Brazil for you associated with ?
2. What sort of people, in your opinion, are Brazilians? Women? Men?
3. Would you like to visit Brazil? If `yes`, what sights would you like to see?
4. Which outstanding Brazilians do you know?
5. Do you think Brazilians are patriotic?
6. Who are more religious –Brazilian or Russian people?
7. Would you like to see The Carnival Parade in Brazil?


1`……many wild monkeys` (the quotation from the famous old Russian film, in which the main character pretended to be from Brazil)
2. Like children…the Andes-copper (the indigenes are meant)
3. Yes, sure. Rio, beaches. The Amazon river, piranha, the Andes, old cities, pastures, the organization of cattle-breeding, samba, mambo, Wudu, Capoeira, the night city, carnival.
4. George Amadu… that’s all, to my shame
5. Yes, see p.2
6. the citizens of Brazil, see p.2.4.

1. Heat, the Amazon river, the highway ( they ruin forests), series
2. bronzed, merry, loving, impulsive, extroverts,
3.Not greatly, but I wouldn’t refuse. Except for nature and some ancient memorials, nothing there interests me.
5.yes, I think
6.By all means-Brazilians
7. I’d rather see the funeral in Iceland


1. Football, soap operas, holidays
2. Men….mmm…..Such serious fellows, the fans of football,. Women……housewives, slobbing out in front of the telly….and..fans of football
3. Not so much but I wouldn’t refuse an opportunity, if I had any. I’d see beaches and monuments of architecture, and all interesting, striking my eye
4.Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinio Ronaldisssimmo..( it’s a joke). I’ve recently known, that Coelho is Brazilian
5. Awfully patriotic
7.see p.3.


1. the Amazon river, football, series, Formula 1, high pomposity
2. Women are ones of the most beautiful . Men…judging by the football players are cheerful
3. I`d like to. As a matter of fact I`d like to see the `real` Brazil. the way of life, people
4. Wargos, Prestos, Pele, Senna, Rubens Barichello, Philippe Massa
5. probably they are patriotic
6. Judging by their films, programmes, they are more religious
I wouldn`t refuse



1. Coffee, `many-many wild monkeys`, series, football, Rio de Janeiro
2. They are too nervous, judging be series-excitable
3. I`d love to. What do I like to watch? Everything that will be shown( sights, picturesque places, everything, that is shown on the excursions)
4. Donna Rosa Belbadores( the name of the main character of that Russian famous film)
6. If taking the whole quantity of faithful population in percentage-Brazilians
7. No

Kate tha...

arnaldo writes:
`Perhaps you also live in country whose political system is very difficult to be understood. What do you think about it? `

You makes me burst into laughter.:)

Because our politics is one the most intricate in the world. The strangest thing is that all people are interested in it and pretend to be experts in it, but in fact we find ourselves in a quandary.
Russia is a presidential republic. The president is V.V. Putin. The highest legislative body
is the Federal Assembly, the highest executive one is the Ministries. In fact they can`t cooperate in the unified proper way, the result isn`t promising. Speaking about our president I should say that the majority of our population admires him, because he is a real personality and shows himself and our country in a favourable light on the international scene. But On the other hand Russian nation is used to worship our leaders. It goes from history : tsars, the secretaries of CPSU( during the soviet period of our country), then presidents. Are we too naïve, blunt or irrational? Perhaps , but to justify our nation I can say, that Putin is the best representative of them:)

Kate tha...

So many questions!.. The capital of our country is Moscow. But as you know Russia is the largest country in the world so there are many regions (89) which are called in Russian `oblasti`. Each region has its own centre- city. So we live in Bryansk . It`s not so far from Moscow.
I think everybody dreams about traveling. I`ve been only to Europe (Great Britain, Holland, Germany, and this summer I`m going to France and Spain. But what I really want to visit is some countries of Asia and South America!
It`s really interesting for me to Know if you`ve been to Eurasia , or in any country outside your continent.?
I know some official information- Know your president, the facts of your population, religion, flora and fauna, because I made presentation for our students. I know about the problem of favelas, your biggest cities. Much information is associated with your series. Brazilian series used to be extremely popular in Russia /.You won`t believe, but next to every person in Russia watched `Clone` and I know …no. I remember the names of your popular actors.
Can you boast of knowing any Russian?:)

Carla Arena tha...

Dear Kate, Erika, my dearest students and the new ones that I didn't have the pleasure to meet!

First, let me tell you how nice it is to see everybody communicating here to demystify stereotypes, a topic that is dear to me!

What better chance than that...Kate, I just loved your post on our discussion about the film, "the City of God" at http://brazilandbrazilians.blogspot.com. We'll keep it flowing there and here!

Interesting to notice that YES there's much more to Brazil than monkeys, jungle, the Amazon, samba and Ronaldinhos. Of course, these elements are part of our country (monkeys are not very easily found, though, in Brasilia!!!), but Brazil is so huge, just like your country, so contrasts, diverse cultural elements are all over in every single aspect of our daily lives.

Did you know that we have different kinds of carnival, for example, in different regions of Brazil and they're nothing like Rio Parades?

Did you know that our capital city, Brasilia, is only 47 years old and is very modern in terms of architecture, it's a world cultural heritage city, but we have many kids begging on the streets?

Did you know that Brazilian teens are top ranked in terms of hours surfing on the Net, but our digital divide is simply enormous?

Well, I could go on just to show you how contrasting our lives are, with contradictions, but I'd say that YES most Brazilians are optimistic by nature, fun-loving people, but NO not all of them like soccer, soap operas (although "O Clone" was a great success here!), and Erika's group is here to show you how diverse each one of them can be, which represents a little bit of our own diverse, multicultural country!

Hope to hear from all of you soon.


Kate tha...

Hi! Thank you, Carla, for your warm comments. I know rather much about Brazilian carnival as I made a presentation about it for our students and saw many Brazilian sites dedicated to it. I knew much about the main parade in Rio, about Sambadrome and Samba schools. At first it was rather hard to understand the whole process of this parade but extremely captivating. But what I understood was that I don`t really want to see the main parade but be a participant of the street carnival, to be one of the merry and joyful crowd, band
I know that Rio used to be the capital of Brazil and still now is considered to be the heart of your country, while Brasilia is only a official centre. Am I right?
Russia is always associated with coldness and snow. Have you ever seen snow with your own eyes. Does Russia seem to you to be an exotic country or not?

Carla Arena tha...

Dear Kate,

Yes. Rio used to be the capital of Brazil, but nowadays, I wouldn't say that it's the heart of Brazil and Brasilia just a bureaucratic city. No. Brasilia has grown "mature"now. It is a "grown up" city, and it's certainly finding its own identity within the country. Of course, Rio is extremely charming and as it is a coastal city, it's really attractive.

Brasilia is considered to be the "rock" capital. There are many rock concerts in the city, festivals, etc. Some of our great rock bands came from Brasilia. Food is also a highlight of the city. You can eat very well there. We have great restaurants with mouth-watering specialties. The clubs around the lake (more than 50 clubs) are a cheerful option to gather family and friends on the weekends. Bars are all over for the night strollers. Culture is everywhere, though it's still and "expensive commodity". Brasilia is a place of all tribes, tastes, colors and rhythms, for there was a strong migration during the 50s and 60s to build the city. It was the promising land. So, people from all over came here and we are a mix of them!

Hope to keep this great conversation!


Kate tha...

Dear Carla, your answer really amazed me, because I had been confident in Brasilia’s being a bureaucratic city. To tell the truth many Russian people can name only four Brazilian cities-Rio Sao Paulo, El Salvador and Brasilia, but if anybody asks about the sights we’ll recall only the Christ the Redeemer ,Copacabana , Leblon and pavements decorated with black and cream swirl pattern mosaics, Sugar Loaf mountain and that’s all.. I want to say that even I haven’t got the slightest idea how Sao Paulo or Brasilia look like, so of course we associate Brazil with Rio.

Speaking about Russia, we have 3 main cities –Moscow( the capital), Saint Petersburg, and Sochi ( seaside and winter resort) , though there are a great number of ancient and modern towns with their own particular history and customs. We call Moscow the state in the state, as the life, life level, people and attitude to people completely differ from those of the others. Moscow is compared with a lottery. You can win and rise to the occasion or you can lose everything, be broken and lost. or even die. For Russians Moscow is like a lively creature, wild creature. It beckons and frightens. But foreigners associate Russia first of all with it’s capital, the Red Square, the Kremlin and that’s all, and that’s their mistake.
You know on our television we can watch different programmes, dedicated to traveling, so there were many programmes about LA countries, customs, traditions and people. I wonder if there are any about Russia, have you seen anything

Zhenia tha...

Hello, Kate. My name's Jane and I'm a student of the university too. I learn French and English. I would like to learn more about Brasil, because I think that this country is very mysterious for Russian people. Russia and Brasil are very distant lands, but they undoubtedly bear resemblance to each other!!! But why?

Kate tha...

Hi, Jane . It nice to `read` you here and see a new Russian confederate on this blog:) You are welcome to discussions

Cecilia tha...

Hello, Kate.

My name is Cecilia and I'm also a Brazilian who teaches English. I was asked by Erika to answer some questions about Russia and when I did so I got curious to know what Russians know about (and think of) Brasil. That was when Erika told me about this blog. I think that the idea Russians make of Brasil are pretty much what the rest of the world thinks too. Although we do want to get rid of stereotypes (and all of us get angry with people saying that there are many wilds monkeys around here, as if we would find them on the streets), we do love soccer and samba, at least I do. Somebody has even talked about capoeira and I am a "capoeirista". But of course (as Carla's already mentioned), "there's much more to Brazil than samba and Ronaldinhos." Well, I think you might be angry with some of our comments about Russia too. It is funny to notice that I myself know very little about Russia, I would like to learn more about it though. Loved your blog and I'll try to keep in touch.

Kate tha...

Hi Cecilia
You are right. You are associated with monkeys in the streets, and we with bears on the streets, vodka and fat people in fur coats and handkerchiefs. The survey proved it again:) Sometimes it`s funny sometimes perplexing, but when you understand that people from different continents have the same stereotypes you begin thinking it over and realizes that there must be some cause of it. May be we ourselves give reasons for such associations? Or not? Our task is to break these stereotypes, isn`t it?

Anonim tha...

privyet jane,

I wonder what knopka thinks about Brazilian football? I know she enjoys playing with a ball!

Marina tha...

Hello,everybody!My name is Marina,I'm 20.I'm a studen of technical university in Russia,I like languages.Now I know only English and want to make it better.I like to travel and to communicate whith other people.It would be great to lear more about Brazil and mainly about Brazilians!

Rodrigo and Gabriel tha...

Hello we are Rodrigo and Gabriel and we would like to ask you some questions related to movies in Russia:
-Do people like to watch movies in Russia?
-Do russians watch many Hollywood films?
-In your opinion, what´s the most famous russian movie?
-How often do you go to the movies in your country?
-Do russian people produce many movies?

Carol and Tomas tha...

We are Tomas and Carol. We are from Brasilia, Brazil. We study English at Casa Thomas Jefferson.

We have some questions for you:

Do you think that American movies about Russian people are usually inaccurate?

Which Russian movie do you think is the best in Russian History?

Can we (foreigners) learn about Russian culture by watching Russian movies?

Do you think that movies are big deal, i.e. a popular entertainment in Russia?

Are the Russian movies more popular in Russia than the American blockbusters?

danilla tha...

Hi! We are Ângela and Danilla, from Brazil, and we would like to know about the following things !

1) What do you like to do for fun?

2) Do you remember Nadia Comaneci?

3) Do you prefer reading a book or watching a movie?

4) Which sports do you like better?

5) What do you know about Brazil?

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