e premte, 22 qershor 2007

Brazil-Russia Video

Hello everyone!
Kate sent me some very interesting questions about Brazil, and some of my teenage students, Erika and I tried to answer them. Watch the video and check the questions and our answers to them!

e enjte, 7 qershor 2007

What is Russia?

I decided to begin this topic to share opinions about Russia. You’ll tell us what you know about our country and we’ll try to discredit myths or approve of your vision if it’s right..
These pics are of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and symbols which Russia is associated with.- Snow, unique architecture, squares, drawbridges.. I`m looking forward to your words about Russia, public opinion polls.
Truly, Kate
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e mërkurë, 6 qershor 2007

Your Brazilian Friends

Hello Kate, Lena and everybody out there in Russia and in cyberspace! This is Erika Cruvinel writing and these are photos of some of my students, and teachers Carla Arena and Ronaldo Junior, who are also interacting with you.

Yesterday, my students read all your messages and we discussed them during our class. They really enjoyed reading the answers of the poll and we all laguhed a lot at some answers! We can tell that you do know a lot about Brazil, but as Lena mentioned, most of the asnwers are 'cliché' and stereotypes and now it is my students' job to show you the real Brazil! It will be a challenging task, but it is a great way for us to reflect and learn even more about ourselves.

'O Clone'! We can't believe you have watched it! It was a big hit here some time ago! And one of the Russian students mentioned 'Coelho'. We think you are talking about the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho and, believe it or not, he is now acting in the most recently released Brazilian soap opera, "Eterna Magia". It will probably be shown in Russia too. A lot of you have the image of a hot sunny Brazil. Did you know that it's freezing in the south and southeast of Brazil right now? Take a look at this picture of Gramado in the South of Brazil.

Well, we have a lot to learn from each other and I do believe you know more about Brazil than we do about Russia. Next class my students will spend sometime writing about the answers given in the poll and we will try to demystify somethings. I'm also going to build an online poll to find out what Brazilians associate with Russia, ok?

Talk to you soon!