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Brazil-Russia Video

Hello everyone!
Kate sent me some very interesting questions about Brazil, and some of my teenage students, Erika and I tried to answer them. Watch the video and check the questions and our answers to them!

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Magda Mendes tha...

Ronaldo, Erika and 5B students: this was fantastic! I thought your answers were very helpful to foreigners and reflect pretty much our reality. Great work!

Kate tha...

Dear Ronaldo and Erika!! Thank you a lot. It was extremely fascinating to know much information, to hear and see you. You `ve just become closer, and I `m glad to it.))
What I was surprised at, was that the cases of unemployment are frequent in Rio. In our country many people are dying to arrive in Moscow, at any other large city, as it’s rather easy to find any job here. Besides, the news about Rio is really useful and even striking. We can draw a parallel with our capital-it allures but on the other hand it frightens. The students are nice too, it seemed to me that the have not a bad command of a language, don`t they?
Thank you. I hope this video `ll help our collaboration to rise to a new level)
It made me much pleasure!!

Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...

Well...impressed and happy to have watched and listened to this little film!

Thank you all our dear colleagues and friends from Brazil!

It's great as it is not simply informative but it is Personal!

And I am sitting now scratching my head whether I'd go to Rio or not! :) Definitely I am to pass through it - in a bus.:) But I'd prefer to get to know little places, though it's not the case with Brazil only and because of the violence etc you told us about. No, simply the pulse of a land is felt somewhere but not in places which are Meccas for tourists.

It was really interesting for me to hear how your students speak English. To compare with ours. Worthy of praise!

You know I think that the Brazilians would like the Russians if they met. And it would be really a hot lot - these 2 peoples together. :)
Thank you all again!

Erika Cruvinel tha...

Hello Kate and Lena
I'm glad you liked the video. As Lena mentioned, it is really personal. Ronaldo asked me to record my answers and I didn't even have time to think about what I was going to say or prepare a script! I didn't mention it in the video, but my favorite place in Brazil is also the Northeast region. The best beaches with clear and warm water are located there.

Nina Lyulkun tha...

Ronaldo, Erika, and your dear students!
You've been doing a great job enriching awareness of Russian students about your wonderful country.

Thanks a million for the amazing video you've produced.

Dear Katia and Lena, thank you for the wonderful mutual project! It's a good example of online collaboration, effective, amazing, productive and unforgettable.

I love your blog immensely.

The best of luck, dear Brazilians and Russians!


Erika Cruvinel tha...

Dear Nina

Thanks for always being around, supporting our projects and collaborating with us!

Your friend


Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...
Komenti u hoq nga autori.
Elena Nikolaenko (PhD Linguistics) tha...

Dear all!

I am thinking now about the
following thing.

At our English practicals we have a range of topics studied.
Next term (starting in September) Kate and her groupmates are going to be in the oral English course called "News media language".
A great course (I like it beyond description) which covers political, cultural and all possible issues.

And each of the problems which we are going to discuss at our classes we could discuss with you too.
It will be a simply perfect addition to our reading American and English newspapers, listening to original texts etc.
To say more, we will learn more things about each other. :)
And we could do the same as far as the topics studied by your students are concerned.

What'd you say to that?

Kate, the students' opinions are always welcome - remember?:)


Carla Arena tha...

Dear all,

I just loved to see you keeping up with this fantastic cultural work and giving others the different views and perspectives of our own country. Ronaldo, your students did a great job and it was great to listen to you and Erika. You were here with me!

Lena, I think your idea of discussing the topics in the "News Media Language" course with people from other cultures will certainly add other insights to the issues you talk about. I'd love to be part of this group and will follow along. It would be even greater if we could include other countries. How rich would this be?


Rodrigo tha...

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Camila Sousa tha...

Woww... I hope it's not too late to post here!! The video is amazing... Congratulations students, Ronaldo and Erika!! I hope the video helpped people to understand a little bit more about our country :-)

Thank you to add my class blog to yours! :-))

Camila from Brazil

Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Dear Carla!

I think including other countries is simply unavoidable. :)

The Topic we are to start with is "At the Map of the World". Here I would like every student of the Group to choose a country to his liking and prepare a little report - kind of a drilling vocabulary exercise.


Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Dear everyone!

Last week when in Moscow I watched an early morning news broadcast and they said about a terrible incident which had happened in some (?) slums of Rio - the fight between the police and drug dealers (I am not sure though this word is appropriate here).
I at once thought about "the City of God".


Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Hi everyone!

Here http://geo.ru/?p=expedition

you can read a personal story of travelling in Brazil (in Russian).

The man who did the trip could answer questions on the FORUM.


Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Hi everyone!

See a comment on the Image of Brazil on our Forum at


Elena Nikolaenko

Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Dear all!

You can read something about Brazil here