e martë, 2 tetor 2007

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I guess it'd be interesting if we shared the information about the new films released in our places. In one part of the world - here in Russia. And in the other part of the world - in Brazil.

Here quite recently they released the film "The Twelve" made by Mikhalkov, a famous Russian director.
I guess Kate, Ksenia and Helen could tell us more - about the impressions it left on them. :)

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XENA tha...

I`m Ksenia, one of those who were lucky to see "12" by Mikhalkov.
What are my impressions... I can honestly say that all the film long my eyes were filled with tears - sometimes because of almost hysterical laughter from tears, sometimes because what was said by the characters was the resemblance of my fears, my grief and my sins. I felt ashamed of myself. And at the same time proud that I was Russian. The film is very impressive, but only Russians will get to the very core of it, because the film is about us, our rotten society where noone cares for anything and anybody but himself, where everyone is constantly looking back and fears to be different from everybody, to listen to his heart, to sympathise with somebody, because we are afraid that everybody will point at us saying that we are either mad or trying to show off. And I`m not saying it as a spectator, I myself am alike, and you, and everybody in the street, and that is fearful.
But only one step up the stream may change the situation, may make these "everybody" think, analyze and feel.
Of course there were several elements which, to my mind, were too elevated, but I don`t like to dwell upon negative points.
All the speeches were very impressive. But only two made me cry bitterly - one with Efremov and one with Garmash. I even had a severe heartacke - so strong were the emotions. Because I`ve lost my grandfather not long ago and I can feel the pain of Efremov - of a grandson who sees his grandmother suffering and dying and trying to soothe, comfort her by silly jokes. And I also know this terrible pain and anger when you realise that you`ve made somebody suffer undeservedly, especially someone small and weak, this is the worst feeling in the world, when you are so unbeareably ashamed that you feel like killing yourslef.
Uff, I`m crying again. I guess that`s enough.

Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Hi everyone!

In today's NYT's issue there's an article devoted to the new film called "Michael Clayton (2007)".

That's the beginning of it:
"Dark in color, mood and outraged worldview, “Michael Clayton” is a film that speaks to the way we live now. Or at least, the way certain masters of the universe do, as they prowl the jungle in their sleek rides, armed with killer instincts and the will to power. It’s a story about ethics and their absence, a slow-to-boil requiem for American decency in which George Clooney, the ultimate in luxury brands and playboy of the Western world, raises the sword in the name of truth and justice and good. Well, someone’s got to do it."
The details you can read here http://movies.nytimes.com/2007/10/05/movies/05clay.html?th&emc=th

If anyone watched it it'd be nice to know the opinion.