e premte, 21 shtator 2007

Brazilian Movie Talk Class

This was your first contact with our friends from Russia. In the pictures, we are posting comments/questions in the blog.

Read some students'introductions:

Hi! I am Rodrigo Saldanha, a student from the Movie Talk course of Casa Thomas Jefferson. I was born in Brasília and I’ve lived here all my life. It's a nice place to live. I enjoy playing soccer, tennis and watching movies at the movie theater. My favorite kind of movie is comedies and I would like to watch some Russian movies and be closer to the Russian culture.

Hi! My name is Ana Carolina Faria and I am 16 years old. I live in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. It is an amazing place to live and I like it very much here. English has played a big part in my life; I have been speaking it since I was 4 years old and can't imagine my life without it. I love the English language. I enjoy going to the movies, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I have been interested in Russia for about five to six years now, and I think it’s an amazing country. My interest in Russia started because I saw the Anastasia movie. I'm planning of going there in the near future. I am very interested about one city, St. Petersburg, I would really like to see the Winter Palace, learn about the culture and many other things.

Hi there! I'm Danilla. I'm from Brasília, the capital of Brazil. I’ve lived here since I was born. So...it's been 27 years. I graduated in Modern Languages (English/Portuguese) and I'm taking a post graduation course in Psycho-Pedagogy. I love spending my time with my family. I'm married and have a girl, Larissa and a boy, Lucas. On my free time, I'm fond of being around friends, chatting, watching movies, listening to music and I do like going to church. We are Baptists. I used to teach English for high school students till last year. Then, I had to quit for a while in order to study for the post graduation. However, it's only a matter of time and I'll be teaching again. I do believe in my profession and really think that if we, as teachers, are not prepared to learn then; we are not prepared to teach. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you all!

Hi, My name is Angela Banhos. I'm a Brazilian lawyer, and I live in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. I have two kids (Joao Carlos, a 16-year-old boy and Fernanda, a 14-year-old girl). I love traveling, movies, reading, good food and good wine. I also love going to the beach, playing tennis and skiing (abroad, because we don't have snow here in Brazil). I’ve never been in Russia, but I really want to make a visit someday. I believe in friendship, and I also believe in a better world to the other generations. Well, it is impossible to forget that I love Internet and English, because both make people closer and the world smaller!

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Cosmo, 19 years old. I'm from Brasília, the capital city of Brazil, and I study International Relations at the University of Brasília. I'm very interested in the study of languages (just like you are!), and I've already completed courses in English and in Spanish. I currently study German and French. I like to learn about other countries and cultures, which is very important to me since I am an International Relations student. I like to read a lot and I also love going to the movies, I like all kinds of films. I like to spend my free time with my friends, going out, dancing or just talking and laughing. I love music, especially rock, traveling and meeting new people.

Hello! My name is Carol and I'm a 21-year-old Brazilian girl. I'm studying English at Casa Thomas Jefferson. I've already finished the regular course but I feel I have to improve my skills in English. I study Biology, I teach classical Ballet, I dance Ballet, I'm an intern at a laboratory and I'm always busy (actually, I'm always looking for something to do).
I like to meet people (especially foreign people). So, I'll be glad to chat with you.

Hello! I’m Gabriel Freire. I’m a Brazilian student from the Movie Talk course in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. I speak Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish as well. I’m 15 years old. I study very hard and I like to play tennis, speak foreign languages and hang out with my friends. I like to watch movies very much, and the Movie Talk course is a unique opportunity to discuss and comment about them. :D

Hello! My name is Amanda. I'm 16. I'm fond of movies, music and sports. I play basketball in my school team and when I have some free time I like to read and go out with my friends. I like to watch all kinds of movies. My favorite one is The Sound of Music. I am very excited to learn more about Russia and I will be very happy to answer any questions about Brazil.

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Kate tha...

Hi, Erika. I`s so nice to communicat and collaborate with you again. The blog began it`s second life)))

Elena Nikolaenko tha...

Dear everyone!

It is really very nice to meet you and very interesting to read about you - so different and interesting persons.

Here I posted some report we made about favourite TV programs and films and cartoons, then we'll add the Presentations which are also mentioned there.


svetula tha...

Hello everyone!
It was really very interesting to read about you!
Dear Elizabeth! I think we have much in common. You wrote that you study German, and as I also study German as the second foreign language I want to know your opinion: do you find German more or less difficult to study than English? I’m also eager to know what books you prefer to read.

Natalie tha...

Hi, Ana Carolina! It’s nice to learn that you are so interested in Russia. You say you want to visit our country and to see St. Petersburg. It is an amazing city! I visited it when I was eleven or twelve but I still remember it. Those streets, buildings, people and of course Peterhof fountains are unforgettable. I hope you’ll have a chance and visit this wonderful city.

Natalie tha...

Hi, Angela! Your introduction really amazed me. How can you find so much time to go in for all these activities and to bring up the children simultaneously? Maybe you’ll reveal your secret? . I admire your way of life and hope that in my future life I’ll also be so vigorous and active.

Ann tha...

Hi, Angela! When I was reading your introduction, I understood that you are a very active person. You go in for many different activities, work as a lawyer, have two children and besides find time to get in touch with us! I wonder how can you have time to do all these things?! It’s really amazing, I should say!!!

Natalie tha...

Hi, Gabriel! You are only 15 years old and you can already speak four languages! It is really great! I think you’ll be able to attain much in your life.

Ann tha...

Hi, Rodrigo! You’re writing that you are interested in Russian culture. Well, every culture is really interesting and has its customs. But I’d like to know what attracts you in Russia and what in particular would you like to know about our country!!!

Ann tha...

Hi, Gabriel! I like your introduction, especially that you are a polyglot. You are just 15 and you know four foreign languages already. That’s great! Well, and I wonder if you are going to study any other languages in future.

Olga Muraeva tha...

Hi, Ana Carolina Faria! My name is Olga, I'm 19. I also think that RUSSIA is a wonderful country and I think that when you visit it, you'll like it very much. We have a lot of traditions which we are proud of. As for St. Petersburg, it's really great! There are a lot of places of interest and, of course, Petergoph is the best of them. I think we have a lot in common. I also like to go to the cinema, especially with my friends and to listen to music. But what music do you prefer to listen to and what films do you like? Did you see any other Russian films except Anastasia?

katya_nosikova@mail.ru tha...

Hi, dear friends! It is very nice to know a little bit about you. To tell the truth I can't help admiring you: so different, so active and so interesting persons. I believe it will be very fine if we tell each other about our countries, their traditions and break all stereotypes.
By the way, I know that today is Theacher's day in Brazil, so I would like to congratulate everyone on this remarkable holiday! We are to be grateful to our teachers and remember them all our life.
Sincerely, Kate

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